Success Story: Aanya Vora 🇮🇳

She improved from IB4 to IB6 in 12 days

Aanya was stuck at an IB4 and didn't know how to improve. She joined Analysis Simplified and immediately improved to an IB6. Such a huge change was a surprise to her.

Success Story: Lareina Shen 🇨🇦

She improved from IB5 to IB7 in Paper 1 in 21 days

Lareina was nervous about her Paper 1, having never completed a mock Paper 1 exam before in her class. She joined Analysis Simplified and the lessons helped her grow confidence. She handed Jackson an essay marked at 19/20 just 3 weeks after joining the course, and 1 week before her final exam--JUST in time!

Success Story: Saesha Grover 🇨🇦

She improved from IB6 to IB7 in 2 months

Saesha was stuck at an IB6 and couldn't break into the IB7 zone for English Literature HL. She joined Analysis Simplified, and she was able to secure a 7 in her Paper 1 mock and ultimately get a 7 overall for her final score. Congrats Saesha!!