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According to IB Students and Teachers themselves, you won't find a higher-quality IB English resource than LitLearn.

Success Story: Hillary Andru 🇨🇦

Huge, Immediate Improvement in Just 2 Days

Hillary is an ambitious Canadian IB student gunning for an IB 45. She started off with an IB5 and was searching for a way to improve her grades quickly.

In just 2 Days of using LitLearn, Hillary was able to improve by almost two grade boundaries... to 1 mark off an IB7.

Hillary highly recommends LitLearn to anyone looking for an efficient way to improve in IB English, and become more confident in writing and analysis.

Success Story: Aanya Vora 🇮🇳

She skyrocketed from IB4 to IB6 in 12 days

Indian IB English student Aanya Vora was stuck at an IB4 and didn't know how to improve. She joined IB English Analysis Simplified and immediately improved to an IB6 in just 12 days.

LitLearn resources are so effective, Aanya mentioned in her 5-star review that the huge improvement was "something that [she] had not seen coming at all!"

She particularly loved the guided, step-by-step process and the unique Diamond Method that helped Instructor Jackson Huang Score a perfect 20/20 in his final IB English Paper 1.

Meet your Instructor!

Jackson Huang, LitLearn founder

Jackson is an IB 45 graduate, Class of 2014. Although LitLearn and English teaching is his current focus, he has always been a science-y person. His Chemistry Extended Essay was accepted to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, and he won the International Brain Bee Championship as an extracurricular.

After the IB, Jackson was accepted to the top US liberal arts colleges: Harvard, Amherst and Williams Colleges for the Class of 2019. He also received Vice-Chancellor scholarships to the University of Melbourne and University of Queensland in Australia.

Jackson scored a 20/20 in IB English Paper 1. He created LitLearn in 2016, and it has since been ranked as the #1 IB English Resource by LitLearn's IB English Method has helped 400,000+ students, and counting!

The LitLearn Method

Systematic, Step-by-Step, Quick Results.

LitLearn fills in the gaps in knowledge created from busy schools and busy teachers. Our unique approach helps students fix their fundamental writing and analysis mistakes as fast as possible--it's what allows LitLearn students to improve in weeks, days, and even overnight...

The step-by-step, engaging courses for IB English keep students from falling asleep (unlike traditional textbooks!).

Start Improving today with Practice Papers, Video Solutions, Analysis Questions, and Analysis Guides.

Success Story: Valerie Ho 🇭🇰

Immediate improvement in 2 weeks!

Hong Kong IB Student Valerie Ho was struggling with finding the deeper meaning in a text, and was anxious about her May 2022 final exams.

Valerie joined LitLearn, and saw an immediate improvement on her practice papers in just two weeks.

In her 5-star Trustpilot review, Valerie mentioned that her ONLY regret was "not joining the course sooner."

Success Story: Lareina Shen 🇨🇦

She LEAPED from 5 to IB7 in Just 3 Weeks

Lareina was extremely nervous about her final May 2022 Paper 1 exam, having never completed a mock Paper 1 exam in her class.

She joined IB English Analysis Simplified and the lessons helped her grow confidence. She handed LitLearn Instructor Jackson Huang an essay marked at 19/20... just 3 weeks after joining the course, and 1 week before her final exam--JUST in time!

Success Story: Saesha Grover 🇨🇦

She improved from IB6 to IB7 in 2 months

Saesha Grover was stuck at an IB6 for a year, and no matter what she tried, she couldn't break into the 7 grade boundary for IB English Literature HL.

After joining IB English Analysis Simplified, she was able to secure a 7 in her Paper 1 mock exam, AND secure get a 7 overall for her final May 2022 score in just 2 months. Huge Congratulations Saesha!!