Each Past Paper Solution includes...

Which Past Papers have Detailed Solutions?

Six IB English Past Papers currently have Detailed Solutions. Note that these are exclusively Language & Literature Past Paper Solutions.

IB English Literature Past Paper Solutions will be released in future months. If you have questions about the release schedule, please get in touch by creating a LitLearn account and contacting LitLearn Support.

Success Story: Aanya Vora 🇮🇳

She skyrocketed from IB4 to IB6 in 12 days

Indian IB English student Aanya Vora was stuck at an IB4 and didn't know how to improve. She joined IB English Analysis Simplified and immediately improved to an IB6 in just 12 days.

LitLearn resources are so effective, Aanya mentioned in her 5-star review that the huge improvement was "something that [she] had not seen coming at all!"

She particularly loved the guided, step-by-step process and the unique Diamond Method that helped Instructor Jackson Huang Score a perfect 20/20 in his final IB English Paper 1.