How LitLearn helps your child achieve in IB English

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  • A Systematic Study Plan

    LitLearn's optimized study plan reduces stress and confusion for your child. LitLearn's course Analysis Simplified gives your child a tried-and-tested study plan that they can simply follow to succeed in IB English.

  • Practical & Personalized

    Your child can practice using LitLearn's IB English Questionbank at their own pace. They can submit their writing for feedback. Our IB45 tutors will give detailed, personalized feedback on their writing.

  • Award-Winning IB Resources

    LitLearn's IB English study resources were Voted the #1 IB English Resource in the Overall and Exam Preparation categories by IB Students and Teachers at You can trust the quality of LitLearn's resources.

Meet Jackson Huang

Head Instructor @ LitLearn

Jackson created LitLearn in 2016 to help struggling IB English students get better grades through engaging, student-friendly study resources.

A bit about Jackson...
  • Graduated with an IB45 in 2014, and scored a perfect 20/20 score on my IB English Paper 1 exam.
  • Received admission and scholarships to Harvard College, Williams College, Amherst College (Schupf Scholar), The University of Queensland, and The University of Melbourne.
  • During his IB program, Jackson participated in many extracurriculars: he won the International Brain Bee in Vienna, Austria and represented Australia at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, US for his original Extended Essay Chemistry research.

Will LitLearn work for my child's level?

LitLearn's systematic curriculum is appropriate for all struggling IB English students: from IB3 to IB6, Lang Lit to Literature


This Lang Lit student improved from IB3 to IB7

Blake (Literature) improved from IB3 to IB6 in 2 weeks.

In 1 week, Ethan (Literature) jumped from IB4 to IB7

Aanya (Lang Lit) improved from IB4 to IB6 in 2 weeks

Pre-IB student Marleen jumped from IB4 to IB7 overnight

In 1 week, Ankur (Literature) jumped from IB5 to IB7 and Top Student in his cohort

Hillary (Literature) improved from IB5 to IB6 in 2 days

Saesha (IB45 graduate) improved from IB6 to IB7 in HL English Literature.

Ritu improved from IB6 to IB7 with perfect marks.