In 2022, We Won an Award 🏆

We were Voted #1 IB English Resource for 2022 by IB Students & Teachers

IB Students and Teachers voted LitLearn on as the #1 IB English Resource in 2 categories: Overall and Exam Prep.

According to IB Students and Teachers themselves, you won't find a higher-quality IB English resource than LitLearn.

How it all started...

It begins in 2016.

Hi, I'm Jackson Huang! I'm an IB 45 graduate from Australia, Class of 2014. I started tutoring IB English immediately after graduation--not by choice, but rather by demand. For some reason, a lot of people needed English tutoring!

After a year of tutoring IB English, and helping 3 of my 10 advanced students achieve an IB 45 in the November 2015 exams, I began to see the common patterns and mistakes that were holding students back. I realised that while tutoring can help, what's much more important is something to systematically fill in students' gaps in knowledge around analytical essay writing--the bread and butter of IB English.

I knew that if the students around me were having problems, there were so many more students struggling around the world in India, Canada, the US, and Asia. And so I set out to create the definitive study roadmap that takes a struggling IB English student to a 7 in minimal time.

Fun fact 1: After the IB, I was accepted to the top US liberal arts colleges: Harvard, Amherst and Williams Colleges for the Class of 2019. I also received Vice-Chancellor scholarships to the University of Melbourne and University of Queensland in Australia.

Fun Fact 2: I scored a 20/20 in IB English Paper 1. I created LitLearn in 2016, and it has since been ranked as the #1 IB English Resource by LitLearn's IB English Method has helped 400,000+ students, and counting!