The 3 Laws of Analysis

In this lesson, we introduce an intuitive way to approach IB English analysis. Here at LitLearn, we teach IB English analysis in an intuitive way. We start with the basics and help you improve with each bite-sized lesson.

Meet your Instructor!

Jackson Huang, LitLearn founder

Jackson is an IB45 / ATAR 99.95 graduate, accepted to Harvard, Williams, Amherst, and full scholarships to numerous Australian universities. He started teaching English analysis in 2015 as a private tutor, and created LitLearn in 2016 after realising that there was no definitive resource to help students with the wicked world of analysis.

Although English teaching is his current focus, Jackson has always been a science-y person. His high school Chemistry was accepted to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, and he won the International Brain Bee Championship in Vienna as an extracurricular.

Jackson was accepted to the top US liberal arts colleges: Harvard, Amherst and Williams Colleges for the Class of 2019. He also received Vice-Chancellor scholarships to the University of Melbourne and University of Queensland in Australia.