The Paper 2 Monster

Preparing for the IB English Paper 2 exam can seem a bit like a complicated mess, because... it is!

I mean, where do we begin? We have to know about our texts, understand specific aspects about our texts (but which aspects?), know how to compare and contrast texts... The list goes on.

That's why this course exists: An antidote to all the madness that is IB English Paper 2.

A practical guide

This course simplifies the process and gives you practical advice to improve your Paper 2 skills right away.

We simplify Paper 2 preparation into three logical steps:

  1. Understanding EXACTLY what you need to know about your texts to achieve a 7
  2. Understanding EXACTLY how to plan, brainstorm and structure your Paper 2 essay to achieve a 7
  3. Understanding EXACTLY how to write the essay: introduction, comparative analysis, and conclusion

Is this course for me?

We created this course for someone who...

  • Studies IB English Literature or Language/Literature

  • Wants to learn the proven approach to preparing for and writing Paper 2 essays

  • Is stressed or confused about IB English Paper 2

  • Hasn't received useful, concrete steps from your teacher

  • Is short on time and can't afford to waste it on long, drawn-out textbooks

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course!

    2. Join Discord to ask questions and discuss!

    1. There are Levels to It

    2. Level 1 Missions

    3. Level 2 Missions

    4. Level 3 Missions

    5. Level 4 Missions

    6. Reaching the Summit

    7. Quick Summary

    1. Essay Structure

    2. Planning & Brainstorm Strategy

    3. What is a Strong Thesis?

    1. Write a Great Introduction

    2. How to Write Comparative Analysis: Part 1

    3. How to Write Comparative Analysis: Part 2

    4. How to Write Comparative Analysis: Part 3

    5. Write a Great Conclusion

    1. Tips 1

    2. Tips 2

About this course

  • 19 lessons

What do I get in this course?

The course has 3 sections

Each section contains written guides.

Part 1: Understanding the text

We talk about four levels of understanding for IB English texts, and then we give you some questions to answer to help you reach each level.

Part 2: How to plan and brainstorm for Paper 2

Planning and brainstorming are the most important parts of Paper 2. Without good ideas from the beginning, no amount of analytical skill will be able to save your essay.

We talk about:

  • a basic and an advanced essay structure
  • how to brainstorm strong ideas
  • how to go from unrelated evidence to a cohesive, sophisticated argument
  • how to craft a strong thesis for Paper 2

Part 3: How to write comparative analysis

You will learn:

  • how to write an effective introduction for Paper 2
  • what is a good vs. bad introduction
  • how to write comparative analysis -- the core part of Paper 2
  • how to write conclusions

The Survival Guide for IB English Paper 2 is a concise course that teaches you the tips and tricks on how to do well in the exam.

What is not included in this course?

This course does not provide exemplar essays. It does however provide illustrative examples of exemplar introductions and analysis. Exemplar Paper 2 essays will be a separate LitLearn product.

Your Instructor

Jackson Huang

Jackson Huang is an IB 45 graduate. Admitted to Harvard, Amherst and Williams Colleges, Class of 2019; received full scholarships to the University of Melbourne and Queensland. Jackson scored a 20/20 in IB English Paper 1. LitLearn's IB English Method has helped 400,000+ students, and counting!