Feeling lost in IB English?

Let us take a look at your essay or oral.

  • Understand where you're going wrong

    IB English orals and essays can be hard to improve without personalized feedback. We'll find your areas of weakness that you might not be aware of, which could be losing you marks!

  • Know exactly what you need to do

    No more confusion around what to improve! We'll identify exactly which ideas, points and sentences need work, and give you concrete suggestions on how to improve.

  • Feel supported during stressful times

    IB is stressful. We understand, as we went through it too! Feel supported through our feedback program. You can DM Jerica directly for short follow-up questions, and even book 1:1 time if you need more help!

Here's what you'll get...

Within 5 days of submitting your essay or oral with us (< 1200 words)

  • 20 detailed line-by-line Google Doc comments explaining where you're going wrong

  • Specific recommendations on how to improve your analysis and writing

  • BONUS: A 2-minute Loom video giving an overview of the feedback and your overall essay


Jerica Nieva

IB English Expert

Jerica is one of LitLearn's expert IB English tutors. She scored a 7 in IB English and an IB43. She studied at one of the top IB schools in Australia: Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics & Technology. She goes by @jerica in the LitLearn Discord!

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